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Without notice CBS cut the amount of favorites

Posted on: May 11, 2010 2:57 am
This is off-topic, but I felt it was important enough to make friends know that CBS had cut the number of "favorites" to 50 without notice, however, with all the inquiries as to why peopld could not add favorites they have been kind enough to temporarily raise the number to "75."  How generous of them!

I am attaching a copy of the post I just wrote on the CBS Feedback Forum when I found I couldn't add anymore "favorites" and had to delete some.  With great disappointment, I deleted some who had not been active for quite some time.  I heard back from CBS with the following message:

Subject:  Can't add favorites  05/11/2010

12:34 AMbruschibabe0

Discussion Thread Response (R.W. Chan),

I'm sorry that you had to encounter the cap on user favorites this way. The change came into effect during the site redesign and caught a number of people by surprise. You can find an explanation, and a place to voice your opinions, in the feedback forum, linked below.


R.W. Chan
Here is the copy of my response:
It appears you managed the more difficult site changes, however, I am wondering what else is going to crop up.  How difficult is it to give the faithful users of your site notice of the cut in favorites?  I have spent much time on this site, especially during football season and on misc. boards on the off-season and made many friends (favorites).  It was a way to keep track of posts they made, etc. 

I have worked with computers for years and I find disingenuous to say you could not post "a comment" about this change alerting the community.  I wrote trying to find out why I had to keep deleting favorites to add even one.  I kept getting the message I had to delete some of my favorites, and nothing about the change.  You could have added it in that message.

I would like to know who the genious was who decided there was no time to give a warning?  There have been issues that your users have complained about in the past, and nothing was done.  It appears you maybe listen, but you don't hear.  Perhaps when your client base moves onto another site, you might smell the coffee and deal with these problems promptly and with "NOTICE." 
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