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Without notice CBS cut the amount of favorites

This is off-topic, but I felt it was important enough to make friends know that CBS had cut the number of "favorites" to 50 without notice, however, with all the inquiries as to why peopld could not add favorites they have been kind enough to temporarily raise the number to "75."  How generous of them!

I am attaching a copy of the post I just wrote on the CBS Feedback Forum when I found I couldn't add anymore "favorites" and had to delete some.  With great disappointment, I deleted some who had not been active for quite some time.  I heard back from CBS with the following message:

Subject:  Can't add favorites  05/11/2010

12:34 AMbruschibabe0

Discussion Thread Response (R.W. Chan),

I'm sorry that you had to encounter the cap on user favorites this way. The change came into effect during the site redesign and caught a number of people by surprise. You can find an explanation, and a place to voice your opinions, in the feedback forum, linked below.


R.W. Chan
Here is the copy of my response:
It appears you managed the more difficult site changes, however, I am wondering what else is going to crop up.  How difficult is it to give the faithful users of your site notice of the cut in favorites?  I have spent much time on this site, especially during football season and on misc. boards on the off-season and made many friends (favorites).  It was a way to keep track of posts they made, etc. 

I have worked with computers for years and I find disingenuous to say you could not post "a comment" about this change alerting the community.  I wrote trying to find out why I had to keep deleting favorites to add even one.  I kept getting the message I had to delete some of my favorites, and nothing about the change.  You could have added it in that message.

I would like to know who the genious was who decided there was no time to give a warning?  There have been issues that your users have complained about in the past, and nothing was done.  It appears you maybe listen, but you don't hear.  Perhaps when your client base moves onto another site, you might smell the coffee and deal with these problems promptly and with "NOTICE." 
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Just in case anyone has wondered where I've been, I thought I would let you know I got the "Blue Screen of Death" on my dellfromhell and have been working on getting it up and running again.  Don't know why, I hate the thing and will never buy another, all I've had is trouble with it.  It's been out of action for most of the time I've owned it.  If I didn't still have payments to make on it, I swear I would throw it off my balcony and try to make a deal for this laptop I borrowed to use as a conduit to back up my data (yes, I do on a regular basis, especially knowing I never know when it will decide to snooze!) and was about to after doing a lot of work and scanning pics for a project for my mother.  The thought of having to spend countless hours redoing it, sent me searching for the cheapest way to repair it.  I found one and it worked.  Now I have to re-install the HDD, format it and reinstall the OS and then copy my data back on the darn thing.  I think I may put a small second HDD just to install the OS in case it happens again.  At least I could boot the damn thing from that instead of having to go through all this again.  Until then, I guess I will be among the MIA!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!
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Posted on: December 24, 2009 10:47 pm


I have left this message everywhere I could possibly think of wondering if you had seen it.  This is my last hope unless Treff can get a message to you.  I hope you get it no matter how. 

December 23, 2009 2:23 pmPrivate message to wilwhite
To WW,

I just saw this and I am sorry for the misunderstanding, but it was easy to take your comment in a way you didn't mean.  It felt as if you thought I had not felt your advice and help meant as much to me or that I had intentionally "torpedoed" your plans, when I didn't even know what they were.  If I didn't value your advice or friendship, I would not have asked for your help.  Words are easily taken differently than intended here and I honestly thought you thought I did something that upset you.  If you read that comment through my eyes, perhaps you will see how it looked to me. 

It's over and done with now, and I think we share equally in the misunderstanding.  All is good with me and I hope with you.  Had I seen this earlier, I would have responded earlier.  I'm not even sure you will see this now.  I hope you did take a minute to read that page on my blog.  If not, please do.

I am going to PM this to you as well, perhaps you will see it then.  I wish you the happiest of holidays and best of new years, my friend.

PS: Just in case you have misconstrued my MIA status over the last few weeks, it was cable issues, that they have finally appeared to have cleared up and not any other reason, except one, this is a bad time of year for me, my FT missed the wildcard by one game, but I have popped on now and again, when I have been able.  Take care and hope to see you back soon as I noticed it's been about a week since you have last posted here!  Take care and hope we both get back to posting again soon!
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Hi CK,

I noticed that you have been posting on those other boards!  They're fun and break up the more cerebral posts about fantasy football and a distraction when there's no one here or anything I want to reply to.  Happy to have you join me, BUT....

I have been PMing you on those boards to let you know you're doing it wrong.  Hoping you will see this, let me explain.  The ones I have noticed don't have anything to do with lyrics only song titles and the artist, so that is what I am going to help you with and then I suggest you go to the first page of the thread to see what the rules are according to the person who started them.

"The Neverending Song":  is one you post on and the other has the same rules.  Some have songs from different era's, so you have to see if they mention a time period (usually in the thread title). 

Go to the very last post and you will see a song title and the artist who performed it, i.e.:

"RED RED WINE" ~~ Neil Diamond  (it was covered by UB40 in a reggae sound in the 90's I believe, that's just extra info, and not necessary.)

The next post, which would be you has to contain at least ONE word or even another song by the same artist in your entryor even the same song covered by someone else, i.e:

"Lady in RED" ~~ Billy Joel

or maybe:

"Sweet Caroline" ~~ Neil Diamond (or an artist who's name has Neil or Diamond or Billy or Joel in it. 



The song title can also have one part of the name in your entry!  BUT at least ONE complete word has to be the very same as ONE in the previous post, not just a song you like or that pops into your head!

If you see another thread that looks interesting, always go to the first page and read what the person who started it says about any rules and you'll be fine.  It's great to see you there, I just didn't want you to make any more boo boos! ;o)

If you have any questions, post a comment on my blog or yours and I will answer it to the best of my ability!  Welcome aboard the boards!!  LOL

Posted on: December 7, 2009 1:06 am

You know you're having a bad day when...

The mucked up cable goes out again on the TV just before your game starts (the PC, so far is just as slow as a sloth, but at least I can get online, for now!)  Then you wish you didn't have that spare TV with the digital converter box in the bedroom.  If it wasn't there, I wouldn't have had to watch another loss for my Pats, and my adopted team, the Vikings, lose too!  I have a good friend in MN and we talk football almost all the time and even exchanged jerseys.  I still can't believe he gave me his prized Moss Vikings jersey!  I in turn sent him an AP jersey with a Moss T-shirt.  But once again, I digress.

You call the cable company again!  The earliest they can come out is Tuesday, the day I have an appointment at the same time they can come and still have access to the maintenance dept to check the (CAB ?) box, or wait until Thursday...I'd be ready for a rubber room by then; so now I have to re-schedule my appointment because they haven't been able to fix whatever is wrong the first, second, or third time they have been out to fix it. 

They have never crossed my threshhold to check the broken casing that protects the cabling and the connection piece, which I specifically asked the last time to be done.  I didn't even see the guy that time, but the TV was working and my PC seemed to be working better, notice the word "seemed!"  That time I asked to have them look at, just in case it could be a contributor to my problem.  All I get is "We know about it.  It's broken!"  I'd like to know how they got out there to see it when they didn't come through my apartment to get there.  Maybe they climbed up and looked!  Why should the outcome be any different this time?

Funny, well not really funny, but it seems to know when my football games are on and target my TV in a major way on those days to go haywire.  They had better not charge me for a full month, seeing I have had nothing but problems that have continued for weeks.

If that isn't enough, I was contacted through facebook by the brother of a boy I dated in high school.  It was nice to know he remembered me!  I have been busy over the last days trying to get a decent fantasy team together so I might have a shot at the wildcard spot, I hadn't checked for any messages yesterday, but jumped on really fast to check between the late afternoon game and tonight's game.  There were 2 messages waiting for me.  Expecting it to be the brother and maybe the one I had dated, I was pleased for a moment.

Then the fan hit the chit, and I was so totally unexpecting the news I received, I truly was rendered speechless.  Apparently the brother I had dated had died in a plane crash the year after we graduated.   That was the last thing I expected to hear.  You know how it is when you run into an old friend and are expecting to hear how great their lives have been (of course we all have our bumps along the way), they are probably happily married with a passel of kids; and then spend a bit of time reminising about old times?  Instead you you get a dagger thrust into your heart when you hear of such a sad ending of a young life and even though I haven't seen or even thought of him in years, I've been crying like a baby ever since I got the news, thinking of him.

In comparison, the fact that I most likely won't manage to get that wild card spot is so insignificant now.  I had been going over the schedules trying to put together one last high scoring team that might just push me over the edge, as today was of no help and until tomorrow, I won't know, but I'm not even sure I care any longer.  When you put things in perspective, loving football as much as I do and how I wanted so badly to make the playoffs, even if I got knocked out on the first round, doesn't seem so very important any more.

I read somewhere, you should always let the ones you love know it while they can hear it and before it's too late and the words were never expressed until they passed.  Each time you leave them, treat it as if it will be the last time, and you will have no regrets later that you didn't tell them what was in your heart but the words remained unspoken.  No one is ever promised a tomorrow!  I called my mother right away, but I never leave her without giving her a kiss and telling her how much I love her, or end a phone conversation without say I love you; but now that I think of it, she is about the only one I do tell.  Perhaps the time has come to rectify that.

Hope you all won your games, and to those I have come to know as good friends here, know I love and appreciate your friendship!  It is very valuable to me.  May you always be well and happy!  Don't worry, you're not getting rid of me, I just wanted you to know how I felt.
Posted on: December 1, 2009 12:03 am

Here we go again!

My previous post told of the problems I have been having with my cable service.  It was supposedly fixed on Friday after my TV went out, well it didn't actually go out completely as I was able to get a few music and the odd station.  The symptoms began with my PC slowing down to the speed of a sloth and then constant disconnections and the occasional static on my TV, but figured the TV issue was more a broadcasting problem.

Considering my cable modem was close to 5 years old, I figured it was more likely than not, the problem.  My cable TV was still working and so rather than have a technician come out and probably having to pay somewhere between $30 - $50 if the problem was within a foot (give or take) of the connection inside only to find out it was in fact the modem; I thought I would just buy another one and see if that solved the problem.  It appeared to for a short time, less than 24 hours, when the problem resurfaced.  So I called the cable company to change my MAC address back to my old modem and ping it.  Needless to say, it worked for a few hours and then all hell broke loose.

The modem was off and online (mostly offline) but now my TV was mucked up!  The signal kept breaking up on the few stations I could receive and the the picture all pixely (is that a word, or the spelling wrong).  It reminded me of a kaleidoscope effect.  Of course it was Wednesday, the day before T-day and no service calls could be scheduled until Friday.  There goes my football games as I couldn't receive those channels and I wouldn't be able to follow them online as the modem kept shutting down.

Then I remembered I had bought the digital receiver and antenna for the small TV in my bedroom.  The reason why I remembered it is I never sleep in there and so never watch that TV!  My apartment is so small with no closet space to speak of and so my bed has become an extension of my closet.  I admit I have way too many clothes, but they are in all different sizes because of a few big drops in weight.  I practically own a department store.  I stopped buying clothes when I hit size 4 after most of my life wearing, on average, a size 12.  Yes, I have thought of selling the ones that no longer fit as many have never been worn but is also the majority of them.

You know women, they have their thin, fat and in between clothing, that isn't the case here.  I have been trying to gain enough weight to at least get into my 6-8 size clothes.  Not only that, I have a lot of leather, suede and expensive designer outfits that I got for a song and could never replace them for what I paid.  I am a bargain hunter and rarely will spend more than $30 on something unless I desperately want it!  With my luck, if I did sell them, I would probably gain some weight and no longer have the clothes.  But I digress from the original topic of this entry.

I did manage to watch the two T-day games shown on regular broadcast stations but missed the one on that night.  It wasn't a big issue as they replay at least the top four games of the week a few times and I figured I would see the replay, which I did once the cable issue was supposedly fixed.  Apparently even though I asked, I was not the only one having problems and there was an entire area experiencing problems.  I heard they had been working on a connection box or whatever they are, down the street.  Whatever they did seemed to solve the problem, and when they came to my door to see if I had service again, I did and said so and they told me at that time it was not only me that had been affected. 

Later I received a "courtesy call" from the customer satisfaction department to see if I was happy with the service call and if the guys had entered my apartment to check all connections.  I told them they came to the door and explained what had occurred but never entered to check my connections even though I had mentioned the covering over the the cable wires was hanging off the wall on the balcony and the connection exposed.  I told him they said they were aware of it.  It was broken!  Gee Sherlock, I figured that out earlier, but they didn't do anything to check it or repair it.  Everything appeared to be fine, except my modem went off line one time and I was checking the adapters, IP address and going to recycle it again with the possibility of having them ping it to make sure everything was fine.  He gave me his name and number and told me to call him if I experienced any problems.

Great, my problems seemed to disappear until last night when my PC was beginning to run slow once again.  Clean the cache, defrag the disk and registry, run my spyware and full AV scan to see if that was the problem.  Still having PCMS though at times.  Then just before the game started (which I wish now I had missed anyway) the TV started up again, but I had the backup, so all was not lost.  It ended up that way as far as the game went.

Once more I made a call to the cable company and the nice automated voice told me they were experiencing a larger number than usual calls, the wait would be longer than normal and unless it was an emergency, please call back later.  Ah, but I had the guy's number who called me and so I placed a call to him figuring he was still there as it was after 8:00 PM when he called me.  No such luck, I got his voice mail and left a message to please have him return my call as soon as possible as I knew it was only going to get worse and it has.  More the TV this time than the PC, but that is only a matter of time before it starts to frustrate me again.

Treff, if you read my note on my last blog, you'll know why I am stuck with cable.  I have been writing this while the game was on until I turned it off as I was frustrated enough as it was.  Sorry if there are spelling or grammar errors but I am not proofing this but I am making a copy of it just in case when I go to post it, the cable bites the dust!  ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I think I am going to open that bottle of scotch and get rip roaring drunk!  On second thought a buzz would be good enough, I don't need a hangover tomorrow to add to my problems!

Technology can be such a wonderful thing, but it can also be a pain in the butt at times!  Thank you, if you spent the time to read this, as I needed to get the frustration off my chest!

At least I won my head-to-head and only two other teams had more points than me, but I'm not sure if that is going to be good if it affects my waiver order...  So how was your day?
Posted on: November 25, 2009 11:23 pm

Cable bites net and now tv

I've been having issues with my cable internet.  It comes and goes after hours of trying everything under the sun, even buying a new modem that didn't help.  Wasn't going to spend $85 for nothing; so returned it.  I can fudge things enough to get online for a bit and that's about it.  At least I was able to get on for a bit tonight to set my roster before tomorrow's games, I may not get to see any of them as whatever has been plaguing my internet it seems my TV has also caught it!   GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Of course, tomorrow is a holiday and can't get a service call until Friday!  Wonderful!  At least I'll get to see Sunday's games and more importantly, MNF to watch my Pats!

So, in case any of you might have wondered what became of me of late, that is the story.  In case I can't get back on again or it dies in the next few minutes, I wanted to wish you all good luck in your games and have a Happy Turkey Day from one turkey to all the other turkeys on here!  ;o)

Eat well, and watch out you don't fall asleep watching the games with all the triptofan (sp?) you'll have ingested.  Hopefully this will be fixed once and for all on Friday, till then, see ya! 

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Crunching numbers *sigh*

This started out to be a relatively easy comparison, predicted numbers against actual number for week 9.  It's since becoming a monstrosity and running out of control.  I have printed so many pages of players and numbers, and now I'm wondering why I even started this.  I just happened to notice some of the predictive numbers were way off base and was curious to see by how much, which then got me to wondering how often had they been incorrect.

I should have just left it at week 9, but no, not me, I have to know the reality of the situation.  Which, is to say the least, nearly impossible, as I can get the actual numbers for the previous 8 weeks but not the projected ones.  So why am I doing this to myself?  Mostly because I have a need to know why things are the way they are, at least the ones that can be measured to within a reasonable degree, and I have nothing better to do.  I have no life lately, so I am going to rectify that this weekend and go up to the sports bar and watch an early game, and then try to get home for the Pats and Colts game.  It irritates me when I want to watch a Patriots game, especially one of this magnitude, to have people talking, yelling etc.  At home I can turn up the volume and watch in peace and quiet, no line for the restroom and the beer is cheaper!

For now, I think I will just go back to week 9 numbers and 'maybe' go back, if I can get a hold of the predicted number for the earlier weeks.  Either that, or I will lose interest in it altogether.  It is very unlikely to happen, at least for week 9, after all the numbers I have pulled up!  *head slap*  I do this all the time and it drives me crazy!  I think I am obsessed with having to know why, even though I keep telling myself, you won't always be able to find the answers.  Cool it with the obsession and go out and get a life!  Sounds like an idea!

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